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August 28th, 2020

The key points discussed in the video transcript are as follows:

- The UN food agriculture world food price remains elevated even after a correction, indicating a slow rate of change and potential flatlining.
- The three-month annualized change in core CPI in the US is still high relative to history, indicating underlying issues for consumers.
- The FED's Dot Plot shows an expectation of a 50 basis point increase in fed funds rate, suggesting rates will be well over five percent by the end of 2023.
- The RRP balance is coming down, but there is still a significant amount of liquidity on the sidelines, which may impact the FED's decision to cut rates.
- Banks are tightening standards for commercial real estate loans, leading to a decrease in demand.
- Default rates for US junk loans are increasing, indicating potential acceleration in the future.
- The FED wants to keep rates higher for longer to bring down asset prices and protect against inflation spikes.
- Economists predict the FED will hold rates at five to five point two percent in 2023, with a potential pause in June and cuts starting in 2024.

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