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August 28th, 2020

Key points:

- The speaker mentions fighting fraud and urges vigilance.
- The EIA (Energy Information Administration) will be discussed in three segments.
- Gasoline had a small draw, but blending components did not, indicating a potential increase in the future.
- Floating storage and demand increases will be discussed.
- Global markets, including China and Russian fuel oil, will be analyzed.
- Total oil and product stockpiles are normal for this time period.
- Land storage has been flatlining, but netting land and floating storage together shows a healthy number.
- Total floating storage is staying near the higher end of the range.
- Crude stocks had a build, with Pad 2 and Pad 3 being the bigger drivers.
- Cushing and Pad 3 are expected to stay fairly sideways.
- Refining activity and runs are increasing.
- A fire at a Valero facility may impact inventory levels.
- The speaker expects a decline in runs due to the fire.
- The overall trend is an increase in inventory levels.

Main topics: fraud, EIA, gasoline, blending components, floating storage, demand, global markets, stockpiles, land storage, floating storage, crude stocks, Cushing, refining activity, runs, Valero fire, inventory levels.

#fraud #EIA #gasoline #blendingcomponents #floatingstorage #demand #globalmarkets #stockpiles #landstorage #crudestocks #Cushing #refiningactivity #runs #Valerofire #inventorylevels

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