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August 28th, 2020

In this part of the video transcript, the speaker discusses the U.S. debt ceiling and its potential impact on the global economy. They explain that the current debt ceiling stands at $38.4 trillion and there is an expectation that it will be raised in the coming days or weeks. The speaker mentions the 14th Amendment, which grants equal protections and states that the validity of public debt should not be questioned. They suggest that President Biden could invoke this amendment to authorize the treasury to pay the U.S. debt even if Congress does not agree to raise the ceiling. The speaker emphasizes that a default on the debt could have serious economic effects.

The speaker then moves on to discuss the potential consequences of a protracted default. They refer to a slide from the White House, which shows that a protracted default scenario could result in the loss of 8 to 9 million jobs. They also mention ongoing quantitative tightening, which could remove up to $2 trillion of liquidity from global markets. This combination of factors could lead to a contraction in the global economy and a prolonged period of slow economic growth.

The speaker also mentions the credit default swap (CDS) ratio, which is a measure of the credit risk of a country. They note that the CDS ratio for the U.S. is now higher than that of Mexico, Greece, and Brazil, indicating a negative market sentiment. They highlight that even though no physical default has occurred, the breach of the debt ceiling in January 2023 has resulted in the payment of different liabilities through extraordinary measures.

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