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August 28th, 2020

The key points discussed in the video transcript are as follows:

- The focus is primarily on China and its manufacturing PMI, which has shown contraction.
- The drop in trade volumes and decline in exports and imports are causing a slowdown in the economy.
- There are concerns about the credit impulse and the removal of liquidity from the market.
- Beijing wants state-owned enterprises to play a bigger role in tech innovation, which may crowd out private investors.
- There have been recent national security raids on private consulting firms, raising fears of a campaign targeting foreign businesses.
- Golden Week showed a bounce in consumer activity, but there are concerns about deflation and slowing demand.
- The credit growth in April was weaker than expected, and the credit impulse has been neutral for several months.
- The softer rhetoric from China towards Taiwan suggests they have no intention of invading in the near future.
- The limitation on chips and advanced technology going into China is hurting their economy.
- The credit taps are not being opened, indicating that stimulus may not be coming into the market.
- Chinese exports and imports to and from Russia have been shown in a chart.

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