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What is Primary Vision?

We are a data driven news organization, providing market intelligence covering the global oil and gas space.  We provide information services to upstream and midstream participants, news organizations and financial and educational institutions around the world.

What services do you offer?

Primary Vision offers a range of services focused on providing market intelligence and insights related to the global oil and energy sector. Their offerings include:

- NGL Monitor: Supply and demand data for natural gas liquids with weekly updates, forecasts, and commentary.

- Frac Spread Count™: Predictive data on the number of active pressure pumpers, tracking operators by basin, state, and county with weekly updates and forecasts.

- Research Portal Subscriptions: Access to the National Frac Spread Count, unique articles, and videos covering the oil and gas markets, with monthly, yearly, and enterprise subscription options.

- Primary Vision Insights: Expert commentary on macroeconomic trends, inflation, the economy, geopolitics, and more.

- Refracs: Operator and location tracking, as well as discovery, selection, and execution tools.

- Bloomberg Enterprise Solution: for downhole water, proppant, and chemicals, with a deep historical dataset and weekly updates.

Additionally, Primary Vision Network provides news, analysis, and expert insights through articles and videos on their website.  You can learn more by visiting our SIGN UP page on the menu or contacting us here:

Where is your office located?

Primary Vision headquarters is located in Sheridan, Wyoming.  Please contact us at for a mailing address.

How much do your services cost?

Some of our services are free!  We also have off the shelf solutions that start at $500.  Enterprise products are available as well.

What are your payment terms?

Typically we require payment at time of service.  Invoicing is possible.

What is your cancellation policy?

Primary Vision offers a pro-rata refund for any of its premium offerings. Primary Vision does not offer a cancellation policy for any of its Enterprise offerings.

How can I contact you?

How do you calculate your frac spread count?

Primary Vision has a dedicated process to learning about the Frac Spread Count.  We can provide detailed data samples, methodology and use cases about the Frac Spread Count as well as custom one on one demonstration.  Contact us at to get more information.

What is the difference between a frac spread and a hydraulic fracturing unit?

One Frac Spread = One Hydraulic Fracturing Unit

The nomenclature for a frac spread has been called many things over the lifetime of hydraulic fracturing including: stim crew, completion crew, frac crew, frac fleet, frac spread and many more etc.

The Frac Spread Count is the number of active pressure pumper spreads

(or sets of equipment) that perform stimulation’s (aka hydraulic fracturing).

The Frac Spread Count is to frac spreads (pressure pumper, stim crews, frac fleets) what the Baker Hughes/Enverus rig counts are to rigs.

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, contact us by email at and we’ll get back to you within the same business day.

General Information

What is the NGL Monitor?

The NGL Monitor is a tool developed by Primary Vision Network that visualizes and forecasts EIA natural gas liquid data, helping users gain valuable insights into supply and demand trends. The tool addresses the existing two-month lag in data by providing real-time updates and forecasting up to 12 months in advance.

Accuracy and Methodology

How accurate are the forecasts provided by the NGL Monitor?

While no forecasting tool can guarantee 100% accuracy, the NGL Monitor leverages the latest EIA data and advanced analytics to provide the most reliable and accurate forecasts possible. We continuously improve our forecasting models to enhance their accuracy and reliability. We will be providing deltas to our forecasts inside of the monitor to show their effectiveness. More information will be shared on this as the product continues to evolve.

How does the NGL Monitor handle missing or incomplete EIA data?

In cases of missing or incomplete EIA data, the NGL Monitor employs advanced interpolation and estimation techniques to fill in the gaps, ensuring that the forecasts remain as accurate and reliable as possible.

What types of statistical models does the NGL Monitor use for forecasting?

The NGL Monitor utilizes a combination of statistical models, including time series analysis, regression analysis, and machine learning algorithms, to generate accurate and reliable forecasts for natural gas liquid supply and demand.

How does the NGL Monitor account for seasonality in its forecasts?

The NGL Monitor incorporates seasonal decomposition of time series data, which helps identify and adjust for seasonality patterns in natural gas liquid supply and demand trends. This ensures that the forecasts generated are more accurate and relevant to current market conditions.

How does the NGL Monitor handle extreme events or anomalies in the data?

The NGL Monitor employs robust outlier detection and smoothing techniques to minimize the impact of extreme events or anomalies in the data, ensuring that the forecasts remain as accurate and reliable as possible.

How does the NGL Monitor adjust its forecasts in response to changes in market conditions?

The NGL Monitor continuously incorporates the latest EIA data and market information into its forecasting models. As market conditions change, the tool adjusts its forecasts accordingly to ensure they remain relevant and accurate. Over the past decade, Primary Vision Network has positioned itself as an industry leader in monitoring operator and pumper activities through our proprietary Frac Spread Count. Our services offer unparalleled granularity, reflecting our deep understanding of industry seasonality and trends. To maintain our competitive edge, we have developed an advanced manual exception handling tool that allows for the fine-tuning of our forecasts in response to unforeseen events, such as short-term weather anomalies or major economic disruptions like the Covid-19 pandemic.

Access and Usage

How do I access the NGL Monitor?

You can access the NGL Monitor through the Primary Vision Network platform. Simply sign up or log in to your account, navigate to the NGL Monitor section, and start using the tool.

How frequently is the EIA data updated in the NGL Monitor?

The EIA data is updated monthly, and our NGL Monitor incorporates these updates to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on supply and demand trends. Concurrently we add one additional month of forecasts.

Can I search the EIA time series data by specific parameters?

Yes, our NGL Monitor allows you to search the monthly time series data by code, title, category, sub-category, and individual product dating back to 2010.

Can I filter the supply and demand forecasts by specific factors?

Yes, the NGL Monitor allows you to filter supply and demand forecasts by aggregate, as well as by plants, refineries, and imports, and by hydrocarbon when available.

Can I export the data from the NGL Monitor?

Yes, as part of your subscription the raw data can be exported or distribute to you via FTP, SQL or email. Please contact your account manager to learn more.

Feedback and Support

What kind of support is available if I encounter issues while using the NGL Monitor?

We offer dedicated customer support to help you with any issues or questions you may have while using the NGL Monitor. You can reach our support team at Most inquiries are answered within a 12 hour period.

Can I create custom forecast scenarios using the NGL Monitor?

This feature isn’t available on platform, however the raw data and forecasts can be exported and distributed to use as inputs.

Can I compare historical data with the NGL Monitor's forecasts?

Yes, the NGL Monitor allows you to compare historical data alongside its forecasts, enabling you to evaluate the tool's accuracy and reliability over time and make more informed decisions based on past trends.

Can I integrate the NGL Monitor's data and forecasts into my existing business intelligence tools?

Yes, the NGL Monitor offers data export capabilities, please contact your account manager for integration consulting and options.

How can I provide feedback on the NGL Monitor's forecasts or suggest improvements to the tool?

We welcome user feedback and suggestions for improvement. You can contact our support team with your feedback, and we will consider your input as we continuously work to enhance the NGL Monitor's features and functionality. The best method is through email at

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